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Beats & Breathing for Healing
Johannesburg Stadium

The Venue

Johannesburg Stadium
Johannesburg Athletics stadium is a state-of-the-art, high tech, multipurpose Stadium. In May 2002, the management of the stadium was taken over by Ellis Park Stadium Sports (Pty) Ltd.

The Stadium is situated east of the Johannesburg City Centre in the Ellis Park Sports Precinct, which incorporates Ellis Park Stadium, Standard Bank Arena, Ellis Park Tennis Stadium and the world class Ellis Park Swimming Pool. Facilities which will be used for the ‘Twenty Thousand Drums’ event are available, e.g. Parking.
The stadium includes a well equipped medical centre which will be operating on the day of the event should there be any medical requirement.

Creative design of the event

The 2 main themes of the event are:
The 7 rainbow colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violet, which symbolises ‘South Africa the Rainbow Nation of the World’.

12 positive affirmations: UNITY, JOY, HOPE, LOVE, TRUST, TRUTH, RESPECT, CREATIVITY, PURPOSE, COMPASSION, HARMONY & FREEDOM - to instil positive values and create a positive spirit.

Both themes have the underlying effect of healing. The colour, used in conjunction with positive affirmations, combined with the power of the experience of drumming and the emotional lift the participants will experience… all this will have an tremendous overall healing and transformational effect on the participants, emotionally and spiritually, which will have ongoing effects in their lives.

T-shirts in the 7 rainbow colours will be printed to give to all the 25,000 drumming participants. The t-shirts will be on their seats when they arrive, and when worn by all the participants, will create the look of a rainbow in the stadium. Each t-shirt will have 2 different affirmations; one on the front and one on the back, so every t-shirt will be unique and each person will be given two special affirmations. The front of the t-shirt will also have the ‘Twenty Thousand Drums’ funky-babe logo. The Sponsors’ logo will be printed on the sleeve.

Stadium Dressing
Flags - will follow the same theme of rainbow colours and affirmations and will be flying on flagpoles in the open side of the stadium.
Banners – following the affirmation theme, will be strategically placed around the field of the stadium
Six Sponsors banners will also be placed on the field surround.

Performers Platform
This platform will be erected centre field and the dress of the platform will have the ‘Twenty Thousand drums’ funky-babe logo, and a Sponsors logo on each corner of the platform.

Speaker stacks
There will be 4 speaker stacks, one in each corner of the field. The stacks will be dressed following the rainbow theme with the funky-babe logo and the Sponsors logo.

The Drums
The drums are to be placed on the field track of the stadium, and will be arranged in the 12 different affirmations. Each drum will have a webbing strap with the Sponsors logo printed on it.

Venue Management
A Joint operations Committee – JOC - will be established for the event. A representative of each organisation (police, traffic, fire department, security, etc.) will be present in a central office at the stadium for the smooth running, control and overseeing of all aspects of the event.

Food provided for the children
Sponsorship of food hampers is going to be obtained for the children on the day of the event. The hampers will contain items such as crisps, peanuts, fruit, a cool drink / fruit juice & water. No cooked food will be part of the hampers to ensure the health & safety of the children.

There are several possible dates chosen to host the first annual event of ‘Twenty Thousand Drums’. The dates are dependant on when the funding is received for the event.

· 1st December 2006 – Aids Day – in collaboration with Next Aid
· 16th June 2007 – Partnership with SHG and Department of Arts & Culture
· September 2007 – International Delphic Games opening ceremony

“Drum beating to us educators relief stress.
To learners makes them to rejoice. It also reminds us of BLACK CULTURE.
NB. To me and my learners we are saying FORWARD WITH 20 000 DRUMS FORWARD!”

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