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From my first experience spending 3 days in
Orange Farm township 4 years ago, my life
changed, being welcomed and immersed in the
vibrant spirit of the African Community and being
touched to the core with the singing and prayer
at the start of every gathering.
My spirit was so lifted from the experience, I felt
so joyful and inspired and I wandered how this
feeling could be sustained?

I had a dream of 1000’s of children drumming,
singing, dancing and celebrating, and I knew this
was true community development… the upliftment of
individuals on a soul level.
When we are truly happy, we are energised and
motivated to deal with the challenges in our lives,
we become creative to find solutions and we are
inspired for new possibilities.
We have an experience of our potential and
our magnificence!

This is the experience I want to offer children
throughout South Africa.
20 000 Drums focuses on training facilitators within
schools & communities and distributing the
instruments so the drumming becomes apart of every
day life once again.

We would love your support to keep the beat
of the drum alive and spread this
positive spirit!

“What I can say is that they show that we should love to do drumming also to love ourselves.”

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Drumming at Schools
I had a dream of 1000’s of children drumming
When we are truly happy, we are energised and
Spread the positive spirit
Keep the beat of Drumming alive
There is nothing like music round a camp fire
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