Twenty Thousand Drums: Transformation Through Celebration (20 000 Drums) is a registered not-for profit organisation, ref no 024-142 NPO. We are committed to personal empowerment, moral regeneration, social cohesion and community development, skills transfer and job creation. 20 000 Drums concentrates on previously disadvantaged individuals (PDI) and communities (PDC).

This project empowers learners, educators and community based youths through workshops teaching drumming, poetry and values. In addition to donating the necessary drums to each school (Riempie drums, facilitation Djembe drums, percussion and traditional African instruments), we further ensure the project’s sustainability by selecting learners, educators and community based youths to attend an advanced drumming and facilitation training retreat. We mentor the new facilitators thereafter. The facilitators commit to implementing the drumming workshops within the school on a weekly basis. We encourage the schools to implement the drumming workshops in neighbouring schools and for the facilitators to gain experience by offering drum workshops to the orphanges and care centres within the communities.

The facilitators are supported and assisted in writing proposals and letters to offer their services to businesses within their area as income generation.

“We came together as one group and made something special that has some happiness and joy into it.”