20 000 Drums: ‘Transformation through Celebration’, aims to present drumming and poetry workshops to 18 200 learners, 500 educators and 1300 community based youths.

The workshops have been designed to:

  • Re-instate established African Heritage and cultural traditions and re-connect youths to their cultural roots, creating traditional pride and building a strong foundation for personal development, team building, skills development and training, music and cultural education.
  • Encourage a creative spirit within the community through the use of music and poetry.
  • Awaken interest and instil pride in the cultural tradition of drumming and traditional rhythms and the use of poetry as a means of communication.
  • Affirm and/or instil values such as RESPECT, LOVE, TRUST, TRUTH, JOY, UNITY and PEACE.
  • Promote emotional healing, including anger and stress management through the use of the therapeutic methodology associated with drumming to support healing in children who have been subjected to emotional and physical trauma. Drumming is also a very successful stress reliever and is medically proven to increase immunity and t-cell blood count.
  • Foster the spirit of teamwork.
  • Recognise leadership ability and to develop these qualities in selected learners and educators through skills training, team-building, personal empowerment and self-development workshops.
  • Empower individuals by building confidence, developing coordination and by instilling pride in our national, regional and local cultural heritage, thereby ultimately forming strengthened communities.
  • Be self-sustainable; schools will be empowered to continue the programme independently and also be given the opportunity to partake in community events.
  • Document traditional rhythms, instruments, tales and folklore. This information will be incorporated in future school workshops as part of cultural music education, creating cultural understanding and keeping our cultural heritage alive.
  • Inspire youths to use their drum skills as an opportunity for income generation within the tourism, entertainment & corporate sector.
  • Cultivating talents for future job opportunities in the music & entertainment industries.

“Make me Happy”