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Beats & Breathing for Healing


The values we aim to affirm and instil


South Africa, the Rainbow Nation of the World…
at the forefront of the healing and
transformation of the planet…
leaders in positive change !

We need to reach as many people as possible,
as soon as possible…
to lift their spirits and create unity… hope… joy…
compassion… freedom… harmony… and love…
which is being created through the 'Transformation through Celebration' workshops.

This is a project for the emotional and spiritual upliftment
of children and their families.
It is having a powerful transformational effect
on the lives of many thousands of people…
by creating joy and happiness through the rhythm
of the drum, the power of music, dancing,
singing, and celebration!

By lifting the spirits of as many as 40 000 people
and more… at one event…and continued
celebration with the rhythm of the drum…
it will have a ripple effect through the community
across the nation… continent… and globally!

Greetings Brothers, Greetings Sisters

Children of the Rainbow Nation
Here’s a dream
We all can make real
Through listening and co-operation

Like the beat of a drum
When we listen to each other
We can have unity
My Sister my Brother

And when we’re united
We are free to express
Believe in ourselves
And give our best

Madiba said
Don't be scared of your light
We can shine together
And unite

Unite in truth in our
Word, our hearts and actions
Forgiveness and love can
Unite warring factions

So come together
With the beat of the drum
Unity togetherness
We are all one

Positive thinking
For tomorrow and now
Trust in yourself
And you will know how

Respect yourself
Your family and home
Respect each other
We are not alone

Linking together
Like beats of a drum
In the rhythm of love
The way to come

Sawubona abantu

Sazwa amashuni nezigqi zikakhokho zikhala ezindlebeni zethu

We heard the rhythms and tunes of our ancestors ringing in our ears
We felt the vibrations of the African Drums flowing through our bodies

We became one
Respect, love, joy, trust,
As we made music with our African Drums
No hatred, envy, lies or lust.

If we can unite,
Happiness will fill our hearts
There will be no need to fight
And together we will chant.

My sister, my brother, my friend, my foe,
Here is something we want you to know,

Days and times of shattered dreams
Have come to an end, and answer to our pleas
Every time we smile,
Our heart must shine,
With and overwhelming gratitude for life!

Truth in our actions, thoughts and words
Will ensure us with spirits free as birds
But don’t abuse what you have been given
Just enjoy your freedom and be thankful for living

Each breath your lungs inhale
You must be sure to leave a trail
That those younger, less experienced than you
May use as guidance, to follow through

A trail of prosperity, hope and kindness
Through these qualities love will bind us.
Positive, togetherness, truth,
This is the vocabulary of us, the youth

With the guiding beats of the drums,
We can come together, not apart, but as friends, as one.
When the drums are played, we are free to express,
Nothing less than our very best.

So come my brothers let’s have some fun
Brought together by the African Drums

Rainbow Nation,
Our reputation!
Jade and Jamie
Crawford College preparatory, Grade 6

Thousands of children
Hundreds of schools
A room full of drums
No need for rules

Just listening to each other
A new world to discover
As the drums begin to sound
New possibilities are found

No complex orders
Just simple facilitation
Let the children steer
Their own recreation

Teaching harmonious communication
Is productive, effective education
It can feed into family
Personal, national, international relations

This is personal empowerment
Which powerfully uplifts
Not just a fun pastime
A transformational gift

The healing effects of music
Are well recorded
By scientists, psychologists,
And religious orders

Through the power of drum and word
It is easy to impart
Values like trust, love, respect
Straight to the heart

A highlight to this programme
Forty thousand hands
Drumming in unity
For the healing of this land

                              Gavin Bonner

The Event

Feel the heartbeat...beat...beat...heartbeat...beat...beat... the steady, powerful rhythm, the pulse of life... the pulse of Africa. Be moved by it...Hear the moving music that so defines what Africa is. See the jubilation on 20,000 shining faces of the music-makers, the wholehearted intensity with which they invoke beauty and power from thousands of thrumming skins. Smell the dust and excitement of the enlivened, energised, exuberated horde... Sense the exciting future that this heralds.It keeps you alive… keep it alive... alive… alive

“I could to start my own drumming group why because that activity is good for South Africa and for people.”

Contact Us


074 413 8646

Nzunzu Mambabada
+27 (0)78 428 3833

Drumming at Schools
Drums in a field
lift their spirits and create unity… hope… joy…
spiritual upliftment of the children of Soweto and their families
happiness through the rhythm
celebration with the rhythm of the drum
Thousands of children
As the drums begin to sound
A transformational gift
the power of drum
Forty thousand hands
Feel the heartbeat...beat...beat
Hear the moving music that so defines what Africa is
See the jubilation on 20,000 shining faces of the music-makers
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Last Updated : 06/2010