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"In much of Africa, music is as large a part of everyday life as conversation or cooking or the birdsong. It enhances the significance of all the important way stations of life, from birth through initiations to death. You can hear it in the marketplace, in the fields, and at night when the moon shines and when it doesn't shine. There are special songs sung when a child's first teeth erupt and songs sung to cure the same child of bed-wetting.

There are songs sung when you're rowing a canoe and different ones for walking or hoeing the fields -songs that are sung at these times and no other. You could almost say that African peoples have a song or a dance for every occasion. "A village without music is a dead place," says an African proverb.

Drumming at the Edge of Magic - Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead drummer) with Jay Stevens

“You must not fight and let the peace begin.”

What the children say!!!

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