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School Programme

The Plan and Present Programme

Drumming facilitators from a community based group SOMOHO (Soweto Mountain of Hope) in Tshiawelo, Soweto, are assisting with the school based programme 'Transformation through Celebration', which has already been initiated. This programme enables us to reach 18 000 children, 1 500 community youths and 500 educators over the next year. These children will gather together for a final event of 'Twenty Thousand Drums'.

Phase 1:
Facilitated sessions of 1 hour each, which incorporates drumming rhythms, techniques, traditional singing and poetry, are presented by a 20 000 Drums team consisting of 1 head facilitator and group leader and 3 back-up facilitators. Poetry is included in the workshops to inspire the youth in a medium that is easy to relate to and fun to learn. Each drum is branded with one of the main values we aim to instil e.g. JOY, UNITY, TRUST, TRUTH, RESPECT, LOVE and PEACE

Phase 2:
Advanced training: in an 'audition' workshop we give the learners an opportunity to come up and facilitate, and so we create a self-election process, identifying the learners with natural drumming ability and self confidence. 4 Learners, 2 educators and 4 community youths attend a 4-day advanced drumming retreat which includes various drumming & percussion ensembles, facilitator training and personal development. Enabling the participants to lead future sessions at their schools, ensuring the sustainability of the project, which is a platform for further personal development, team-building, skills development and training, music and cultural education. The facilitators are supported to practice their new skills by offering workshops to the surrounding primary schools, orphanages and care-centres within their community.

Phase 3:
Each school is donated the necessary equipment to enable the facilitaors to continue the drumming workshops, which includes - 300 x 5 ltr Riempie drums/ Zulu Drums ( recycled 5 ltr paint tins) , 3 Djembe drums, Bass drum & percussion instruments.

Phase 4:
Two further sessions, in which the newly trained facilitators (from the school) rehearse with two 20 000 Drum team members and together implement a facilitation workshop, heightening the confidence of the school facilitators, thereby motivating them to continue with weekly drumming and poetry sessions.

Phase 5:
Regular monthly drumming sessions are held for the school facilitators for further development and skills training.

Phase 6:
A 20 000 Drums 'guiness World record event will culminate in Johannesburg Stadium - see event for details

“You go with the rhythm of the drum because you feel the joy, and also that the drums do calm your nerves.”

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Nzunzu Mambabada
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Drumming at Schools
Drumming for all ages!
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Drumming at Schools
Drumming for all ages!
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