"This is an opportunity to renew the spirit of our children, the spirit of Africa for our future."

We're working towards implementing the drumming workshops and training program in 65 schools in Gauteng (province in which Johannesburg is situated) and to culminate in an event with all learners united together in one stadium for an event of 20 000 Drums in "one beat, one rhythm!"

Event Dates proposed to date

16th June 2006
In partnership with SHG - 7 000 learners at Alexandra Stadium

16th June 2007
In partnership with SHG and Dept of Arts and Culture, 20 000 Drums event to be hosted at Johannesburg Stadium.

September 2007
20 000 international artists and spectators at the opening ceremony to the International Delphic Games being hosted in Johannesburg.

“You can communicate with people by only beating the drum.”